Make It Right Layer Exchange Policy

Available only for the Organic Presto

Exchange policy (maximum 2 layers)

1-Go to our website and order the layers you want as a replacement (we will refund them later) 

Soft 20 ILD layers

Medium 30 ILD and Firm 40 ILD layers

2-Once we receive your order we will send you the replacement layers in 3-5 business days or less

3-Once you receive the replacement layers, keep the boxes, as you will need these boxes to return the unwanted layers to us

4-Contact us by email when you have repackaged the unwanted layers and they are ready for pick up

5-We will send you the UPS labels, print them and tape them securely over the original labels

6-Confirm with us by email what day we can send UPS to pick them up

7-Once we have received the unwanted layers we will issue a refund for the total amount of your order less the shipping fees both ways.  

The exchange process takes approximately 3 weeks or less and the refund will be processed in 24 hours after we receive the unwanted layers.

You can follow this link if you need advice on which layers to choose