As an added feature, we now offer 3 setups for the Organic Presto mattress. Each setup will give you 9 different firmness options.  This will allow you to fine tune your support and pressure relief to a high degree of precision. 

The Medium layering provides the most pressure point relief out of all options and is best suited for Side Sleepers. Best of all, the natural elasticity of latex ensures comfort without sacrificing support.

The Medium-Firm layering is the most versatile mattress option in our line-up and works for virtually any sleeping style, although it may be too firm for pure side sleepers and too soft for stomach sleepers.

The Firm layering is best suited for back sleepers who prefer a firmer latex mattress. Stomach only sleepers may want to go a notch firmer than this and ideally use a 6" or 8" firm mattress options.

Whether in-store or online, we understand that buying a new mattress can be daunting. So we systematically re-designed our beds from the bottom up to provide more flexibility now or years later. For example, you can rearrange the existing layers for more subtle comfort adjustments or contact us to arrange a layer swap for a more substantive change. We even include a discount on a limited number of layers or covers should your needs change - or if you want a refresh - for the life of the mattress.

Layer Exchanges
The 120 Day Comfort Guarantee applies only to our Presto Customizable Organic Latex Mattress You may exchange a maximum of 2 layers in total (4 layers for the split king) within the 120-day period. 

  • The 120-day period starts 14 days after the date of purchase on the original invoice
  • The layers don’t have to be exchanged at the same time
  • The total combined thickness of the layers must remain the same as the original mattress
  • Shipping and handling is the responsibility of the purchaser
  • Layers must be in original condition and free of odours, tears or stains
  • Not applicable on custom sized mattresses

Loyalty Program
The Organic Dunlop Presto Layer Exchange program also includes a lifetime 25% discount on a limited number of layers should your needs change.

  • Lifetime is defined by the total term of the Mattress Warranty
  • Discount only valid after the initial 120-day period expires
  • The discount is based off the current regular retail price
  • Cannot be combined with any other sale or offer
  • A maximum of 2 additional layers per year, up to a total of 5 over the lifetime of the mattress, is permitted
  • The maximum thickness per layer is 3”
  • The layers must be the same size as the mattress you purchased
  • Freight is the responsibility of the purchaser
  • Non-transferable