What our customers have to say by email

Thank you.  The futon cover is beautiful, and the best is, it's made in Canada.Looks great on the futon and again have a nice piece of furniture.
Thank you:  A Deelstra.

Hi Mario,
I got the bed put together today.  Please let whoever makes these know that I think the bed is beautiful, lovely and simple. Nice job.  Thanks for your time and patience.
Cheers! Kathleen Vancouver BC

Hi Mario
We received our memory foam custom mattress and are very pleased with the product.  Thank you for your prompt service.  We look forward to using it in our Eurovan when spring finally arrives here in Alberta.
Margaret G. Canmore AB

Hi Mario
Our new mattress arrived today and we were impressed with the over-all look and feel. Looking forward to our first sleep tonight! Thanks for your patience and support throughout the process. We will most sincerely sing your praises to our friends and family.
Ray Edmonton AB

Hello again! 
A quick message to let you know Kevin and I are LOVING our new bed!!!!    I especially love the pillows!! We are sleeping like royalty.. really, we feel like we are sleeping on a hotel bed every night.. it is fantastic!~!!!
thank you again!!!  Please feel free to post any comments on your website... your foam mattresses and bed frames are WONDERFUL.
A Chodkowski ( Montreal)

Your customer service has been superb, and the mattress is extremely comfortable. We have already directed many of our curious friends to your website. We look forward to receiving the frame to complete the set. 
Ryan Surrey BC

Thank you for your quick response regarding the cover. I have received all. I have to tell you I love the memory foam topper. I had recently gone on a trip to California and slept on a tempur pedic mattress. I have lower back pain and found it helped greatly, but when I got back to Calgary I was quite shocked to find out the price of these mattresses. Your toppers are a great and affordable solution. Thank you again for providing a great product. I have a few relatives and friends who are interested. (I'm sorry, I know I sound like I'm doing a commercial because we all hate commercials) Once again, thank you! 
C. King Barrie ON

Hey Guys , I picked up the pad on Saturday. First off , let me begin by saying that I appreciate very much your honesty. It's people like you that make using the net worth while. Secondly I have to say that the mattress topper is awesome. I slept like a rock the past 2 nights. I can't begin to explain how great this thing is. It's a total different sleeping experience now and I absolutely love it. Thank's again for the great product, and your honesty. I will be sure to verbally advise you guys to all my friends family and co-workers. 
Godspeed to you both 
Ed Carusso Ont.

We had a good sleep last night, I woke up without a sore back and my wife woke up in the same position she went to sleep in. We love our new topper. A couple of friends are interested in your pillows and may be ordering some. 
Wolf S. Ottawa Ont.

Just a follow up to my order. The pad was received yesterday 3 days after we ordered it! I was eager to use it immediately so I installed it in our queen-sized bed. WOW!!! The pad worked great! I haven't slept this well in a long, long time. I felt refreshed. More people need to know about this excellent product. My wife and I are considering buying a king-size bed in the New Year. If we buy your king mattress, is some type of box-spring recommended to support the mattress you sell? 
Dr. Peter R. Toronto Ont.

I just got your e-mail. I went away for the weekend and the package was here when I got home today. Thank you so much for such EXCELLENT service!!! I will recommend your website to all friends and family! 
Corinne P Montreal QC

Thank you for shipping the mattress and pillow so quickly. I have slept on it for almost a week now. The reason I bought it was because my back was aching. It is very impressive and now I wake up pain free. Your product is excellent! Thanks. 
E Lee Mississauga ON

Hi , what fast delivery! We already received our Queen size 2" topper and pillows only 2 weeks after we ordered it!. Thanks very much! So far, we think we love them. we'll know for sure after we try them tonight. You have wonderful products and great customer service which is very hard to find these days. We have friends that are interested so we will definitely send them your way. Once again, thanks! 
S Schoofs Toronto ON

It has arrived and we will be using it tonight. I am pleased with the product, it's very comfortable. Thanks again; 
R Pytel Montreal Qc

Hi again 
I had my first sleep last night on your bed topper and l was pleased. lt reminds me alot like a waterbed without the waves. l hope you have received the money order by now. Thanks alot. 
Rick Friesen Burns Lake B.C.

We had a good sleep last night, I woke up without a sore back and my wife woke up in the same position she went to sleep in. We love our new topper. A couple of friends are interested in your pillows and may be ordering some. Good luck. 
W Schmueck Calgary AB

We received the mattress topper on Friday. Thanks for the quick action on my mistake. The mattress is very comfortable, I am sleeping much better. I had to laugh, it was like unrolling a huge pink roll of bubble gum! 
Jennifer Melnyk Caselman ON

I received the cover for my mattress topper today, and again, thanks for the great customer service and the nights of restful sleep. Sincerely] 
Dora St-John's NFLD

May have to send our new topper back to you! I used to get up in the morning between 0630&0700- This morning it was 0845! Both of us have been sleeping in since we started using the topper- Tom thinks it's getting more comfortable each night!! AS we are retired and do not have to turn up for work, there is not too much of a problem- the mornings sure are a lot shorter!! 
Thanks -Barb Kingston ON

The bed arrived on Saturday by courier on my birthday! This is two days (nights) later and I have to tell you that we have never had such a comfortable sleep! We invested a lot in our 'pillow top' mattress 8 years ago but it doesn't even compare with our memory foam mattress. We look forward to going to bed now, it's THE best sleep we have ever had. Our property is for sale but this bed is going with us for a lifetime! Thanks again and thanks for the wonderful service. 
Annie and Lindsey

I just got my new topper and I Love it !!! you should be getting incredible referral business on this product, for a few hundred dollars you basically get the equivalent of a $2,000 Tempur mattress. This is like a "no brainer" 
D Dallaire Kelowna BC

I just had to drop you a note to say "Thank You!" As a sufferer of scoliosis and arthritis getting up in the morning (especially on a rainy day like today) was painful. Even though I recently purchased a new pillow top mattress, one that's a well-known brand and endorsed by chiropractors, I was still stiff and sore in the morning. Thanks to your topper I feel great!! Thanks too for your honest advice. You are obviously motivated by a sincere concern for your customers well -being and not by a profit margin alone. It's also satisfying to support a Canadian company. Thanks again! 
Stephanie R Hamilton, Ont

I have had my 3 inch bed topper for several weeks now and I am finding it extremely comfortable. Excellent support but a very cozy feel. Sleeping much better too. I also wanted to thank you for the excellent service (I received my order 3 days after placing it.). Excellent product and service. I have recommended it to many friends and family. Bravo! Merci beaucoup. 
Joe D Montreal Qc

It's been almost a week and the mattress is fantastic!!! It's nice to really be able to sleep effortless again..Thanks SOOOOOOOOO much 
Don Fredericton NB

The Mattress is all ready to be picked up. We had just received our new one Friday and our first night on it was great, my husband slept like a baby. You guys are great, I have never seen such great customer service anywhere else, Thanks once again and keep up the great work. 
Ida R Ottawa

Hi The covers for the pillows arrived, very promptly in fact they were here before I had opened up my incoming E mail with the parcel tracking information. Must congratulate you on the efficiency of your organization, we will certainly refer you to our friends and family. Who knows one day we might even turn up at your Inn. 
Many thanks Best Regards Ray & Iris Jordan Winnipeg MB

I just wanted to let you know that the first time my daughter laid down on her bed with the topper, she said her spine cracked all the way down, and she felt immediate relief. She has since repeatedly said that this was the most comfortable thing she has ever lain on. She said it relieves her back, makes her relax immediately, makes her breathe better and she has never slept so well. Her eyes looked clearer within 2 days. Although I have no back problems, I laid down on it, and felt like I was floating. It was difficult to make myself get up. I will be sending your website to everyone I can think of with back problems. It's the best $300 I've ever spent. EVERYONE should have one. 
Thank you thank you thank you. 
Julie M Thunder Bay ON

  I think you owe it to your customers to include a warning that your memory foam toppers will seriously interfere with productivity. I work at home and have become accustomed to a 30-40 minute nap in the afternoon and I have been used to waking up around 8:00 am in the morning. My first nap on the new memory foam topper went two hours and I have been sleeping in to 9:30 am. This is not conducive to getting my shop hours in the sleep however has been marvellous. On a serious note if anyone is having second thoughts about buying foam from you, ask them to contact me.Your product is wonderful and your friendly service is beyond reproach. My wife and I are delighted. 
Thank-you very much
Martin Smith Vancouver BC

I received the bed on Friday, June 10th and it is a very nice frame and believe it or not, was fun putting together. The mattress sits well on the frame and provides an excellent foundation. We had our mattress on our old box spring and I just couldn't believe the difference. 
Again thank you for the bed. 
R. Hickey Oshawa ON

So often I have to complain about stuff it's nice to finally be able to give a compliment. The mattress arrived just as you promised and is really wonderful. I was skeptical of course that it would actually improve my sleep, but it does - I'm sleeping through the entire night most of the time, and it's just so comfortable to be in it. The pillows are great too. I was moved to buy from you because your website was so professional and comprehensive. I'm glad to see your product is consistent with that. It's nice to see a company that cares about what it does and delivers what it promises. 
Bram J Fredericton NB

Thank you for your excellent customer service and getting my mattress out to me so quickly. I've had it for three days now, and am finally able to sleep. It's very nice indeed, perfect support, and it was so important because I'm pregnant and was quite uncomfortable-- so the fact that you got it out so fast was really wonderful. 
I'll recommend your company to my friends. Thanks again. 
Sam Brown Windsor ON

I want to thank you for all your help and in getting the mattress topper and the one for the chair too. It was a great relief to my husband and he was far more comfortable in his time of need. He passed away Good Friday but he was so happy with what you did for him. Again I thank you for your help. 
Regards Kim Burzynski  Pine River MB