How is Organic Dunlop Latex Made?


Organic Dunlop Latex used in our mattresses and toppers (aka rubber) is made by tapping the Hevea Brasiliensis tree. The extraction process begins early in the morning by making a circular cut in the tree right under the previous day incision. The white milk like fluid then drips into a collection cup during the day and is collected at sunset. The collected milk contains water, latex and other natural impurities. Because the latex and water ratio varies in each tapping session, the rubber milk is then run through a centrifuge to balance the ratio and remove any impurities.

One of the differences between organic dunlop and natural dunlop latex is that the centrifuge plant must be certified by an organic agency. Our manufacturer owns the plants and is certified by GOLS (global organic latex standard).

Watch how the latex milk is transformed into foam rubber


Most of the latex used in mattresses today originates from Asia. Large commercial plants are slowly taking over. However nothing can replace the expertise of small-scaled organic farms that have been passed down from generations. We source ours from “Signature”, a family plantation located on the southern part of India. They are renowned for cultivating and producing high quality organic latex.

We are honoured to buy our organic dunlop latex from these micro-plantations and use it in our organic latex mattresses which helps support their sustainable way of life.