Returns & Exchanges


MFC is dedicated to manufacturing quality memory foam and latex products through our use of quality materials and detailed craftsmanship. At MFC we do not sell used products (which includes all items on our website). For this reason, for hygienic concerns, and to avoid cross contamination, we feel that we have a moral and ethical responsibility to our customers to not re-sell used items and therefor are unable to accept returns or exchanges.

We accept exchanges only if the item is damaged at delivery and will cover all cost in the exchange process.

With such a policy in place we are able to guarantee the item you receive is brand new and has never been used by anyone else.

Furthermore we stand behind our products and your purchase is protected within our comprehensive limited warranties so that you can buy directly from us with confidence.

Are you sure you're buying a "new" mattress?
Did you know that mattresses and toppers are some of the only personal items that can be returned to the store after they have been used? Store do not accept returns on underwear, bras and other personal use items. But you can sleep nude in a bed for months, contaminate it with skin cells, hair, urine etc and return it if you're not happy with it!  

What's worst is that it can be resold to you as new, because the Government of Canada has no legal obligation with respect to the sale of used mattresses and toppers. Yes, all mattresses by law must have a label that states “Contains New Material Only”  this label was sown during the manufacturing process and has nothing to do with the condition of the mattress as being used or new!

What do stores do with returned mattresses?
If stores are not reselling your used mattress to someone else, then why do they require you to purchase a mattress protector to qualify for the trial period? Why do you need to use a mattress protector if the returned mattress will be disposed of?

Bed bugs can infiltrate a used mattress even with the use of a mattress protector. Furthermore they are extremely difficult to eradicate, and can spread into others mattresses and sofas around the house. These pest have become such a major health risk, that most charitable organizations will not accept used mattresses anymore.

Why choose a customizable mattress
In the last few years, we've seen more customers contact us to complain about mattresses they purchased only 2 or 3 years ago. They deplore the mediocre quality and sleep issues they have with their mattresses. The surprising fact, is that most bought them from a store that had a trial period, yet they remain unhappy with the choice they made. Actually most customers will be happy with any new mattress, as it's a significant improvement over a tired old mattress. However the real comfort issues appear long after the 90 day trial period.

For this reason we have developed the Presto which is a customizable mattress. The advantage is that you can fine tune your comfort and support preferences anytime you want. Discover this new ingenious mattress and stop playing the mattress trial and exchange game.

At MFC we are proud to sell only "new products"direct from the factory to you.