MFC Presents its line of Natural Futon Mattresses Made In Canada. These futon mattresses are 6" thick and are layered with natural cotton, high quality Bio-Foams, natural latex, wool and covered with a polyester cover with 20 tufts for the most comfortable futon mattresses on the market today. They are available in TWIN (38"X75") DOUBLE (54"X75") QUEEN (60"X80") AND KING (76"X80"). All our futon mattresses are backed by a full 10 year warranty for your peace of mind. Choose your comfort level now!

King & Custom Futon Mattresses

And if you want to buy a King size or custom size futon mattress they are

New Organic Cotton Futon Mattresses

We have new Organic cotton futon mattresses. Each mattress is made from:
 Wool layers on top and bottom, BioFoam, 100% Organic Natural Dunlop latex foam layers.Organic cotton batting, 20 tufts and 100% Cotton cover.