Tencel fibre is the brand name for lyocell fibres manufactured by the house of Lenzing.

Tencel is a type of rayon cellulose fibre extracted from the wood pulp of sustainably grown Eucalyptus trees. Unlike other forms of Rayon, Tencel is manufactured in a closed loop cycle that recycles nearly 100% of all the organic compounds used during the manufacturing process. The patented system has earned them numerous accolades including the EU’s European Award for the Environment.

Tencel is an ideal natural fibre for latex mattresses due to it’s sustainability, strength, stretchy knit design and moisture absorbing properties.


Third party Tencel certifications include:

  • Oeko-Tex Standard 100(Confidence in textiles – tested for harmful substances)
  • USDA BioPreferred (certified 100% bio-based) 
  • FSC (Forest Stewardship Council)
  • European Eco-Label (environmentally friendly)
  • Din Certo (compostable)
  • Vincotte (compostable)
  • US BPI (compostable)
  • EcoCert (product life cycle)


Ecological Friendly
Accounting for the entire life cycle, Tencel is one of the most environmentally friendly fibres in the world. Derived from the wood pulp of sustainably grown Eucalyptus trees, the closed loop manufacturing process recycles nearly 100% of organic solvents used in the manufacturing process.

High Tensile Strength
Whether dry or damp, Tencel fibres retain their strength. These durable fibres can withstand decades of use making them an idea compliment to latex.

Moisture Absorbent
Tencel fibres absorb moisture into their unique cell structure until it can be evaporated away.

Soft to the Touch
The surface of Tencel is smoother than silk. Tencel is commonly used in face masks for the cosmetic industry due to its silky-smooth surface and absorbent properties.

The condition that allow bacteria to grow are greatly reduced due to the moisture absorbing properties of Tencel.

Tencel is a blend of 40% eucalyptus fibre and 60% polyester for ultimate body contouring.