Cosmetic imperfections in organic Dunlop latex

All our latex layers are new and have been verified with our strict guidelines, to assure they are certified for use. They may be slightly discoloured or have small imperfections, due to the fragile nature of the latex and the manufacturing process of organic Dunlop rubber.
These imperfections include: dark bits residue of charred rubber from too-hot baking pins, slight variations in the feel or appearance, in one part or another and occasional small tears or "voids." (voids are basically baked-in air bubbles)
You can draw parallels between organic Dunlop latex and a finely crafted wood furniture piece with colour variations or a weathered leather jacket bearing scars. These handmade natural items possess a distinctive charm, transcending their imperfections. The inherent flaws seamlessly integrate into their composition, becoming integral elements that contribute to their individual and captivating beauty.

In spite of the aesthetic flaws present in natural latex, we hold a strong conviction that its exceptional qualities make it the optimal choice for mattresses cores and comfort layers.

Here are some examples below of normal variations in organic Dunlop latex