If you are searching to buy an organic latex mattress made in Canada, you've come to the right place. We specialize in affordable quality and non-toxic, plant-based natural mattresses. Did you know that most advertised natural latex, is in fact blended with synthetic rubber which is derived from the petro-chemical industry! At MFC we do not consider this natural latex. We only source latex that is pure, natural, that does not off-gas, contains no synthetic rubber, and is certified organic by GOLS for peace of mind. 

The organic latex mattress covers are made with GOTS certified 100% organic cotton, on most models quilted with natural sheep's wool which is the only all-natural material which meets stricts fire retardant standards, without using chemicals.

Did you know:

  • There are no regulatory agencies that oversee the organic latex mattress market, so you must exercise due diligence when shopping.
  • That cotton can be labelled as "Organic" even if it only contains 10% organic cotton! The remaining 90% can be polyester or other synthetic materials. When in doubt ask to see the actual GOTS organic cotton certificate.
  • The only way to verify the organic integrity of the latex you are purchasing is by viewing the actual GOLS certificate from the producer. Trustworthy businesses will post the certificates online for you to inspect.

Compare our Organic Latex Mattresses

MODEL Organic Latex Organic Cotton Cover/ Wool  Customizable Thickness Price
Maoli Yes Tencel No  6" or 8" $
Unison Yes Yes No 8" or 10" $$
Presto Yes Yes Yes 10" $$$

Get the sleep you deserve, naturally, with an organic latex mattress.