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If you need to try an organic dunlop latex to see how it feels, you can simply go to a mattress store that sells "Dormio" "Obasan" or "Greensleep" and try one in store. At that point you'll be able to do some comparative shopping online, since all of these mattresses are made with the same components (organic dunlop latex, organic cotton and wool) and all feel similar.

Furthermore our Presto customizable mattress offers 9-16 firmness options all in the same mattress. Discover why it's our best selling mattress for online shoppers

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Yes we do, simply contact us by email and we'll send you a paypal invoice that you can pay online.

Pristine foam layers do not exist. They are usually lightly discoloured and / or have micro tears, due to the fragile nature of the foam / latex and it's handling during the manufacturing process.

Some natural discolouration of the foam is also due to oxidation that causes a change in color, when exposed to air and light. Rest assured that discolouration and micro tears are normal and will not interfere with the comfort of your product, and its warranty in any way. If you would have bought a foam mattress that had a non-removable cover (like most stores sell) the foam inside the mattress would have been discoloured and had micro tears in it. This is the nature of foam business and most customers are not aware of this, since they never handle raw foam without its cover. All the foam we use is "new" and rated sanitary for personal use.

There is no law governing organic latex mattresses in Canada. Since anybody can get labels printed to say anything they want, an organic label on a mattress is no guarantee that the product you own is a genuinely organic. The only sure way to know is to verify the organic certifications from the manufacturer.

You can cancel your order if it has not been shipped less a 5% processing charge (fees charged to us by our credit card processing gateway). Since the bed frames are made to order, they cannot be refunded once the order is placed.

Memory Foam Questions

Memory foam is made of a high density, visco-elastic, material that contours to pressure and responds to body heat. This combination of responsive qualities effectively relieves pressure from your back, neck, shoulders, legs and feet. No other mattress topper conforms to your body so precisely, while at the same time providing much needed support.

Memory foam is something you have to feel to believe. At first touch the topper is somewhat firm. As the temperature smart foam adapts to your body heat, the material relaxes according to your body dynamics and softens as you gently begin to sink in. Cradle in comfort, supported by science, you'll agree a memory foam mattress topper is what you have been looking for.

Yes, until now,  5 lb memory foam comfort was a premium luxury that only  astronauts and the very wealthy could afford. Now everyone, even those with a modest budget, can experience the positive benefits of memory foam comfort.

With a 5 lb memory foam bed topper you now have an opportunity to take advantage of the medical and therapeutic benefits of this unique material. Imagine being free from back, neck, shoulder, joint and muscle pain that rob you of a restful night's sleep. Now imagine the solution to your problem being as simple as adding a 5 lb memory foam topper to your existing mattress. A 5 lb Memory foam toppers will cradle you in comfort, allowing you to rest comfortably, and reduce painful pressure points associated with a firm mattress.

Our Memory foam is made of the same material, and it has a comparable 5 lb density.

Yes you can as long as the electric blanket is on top of the foam and not underneath it. It is best to have a sheet or cover in between your foam and the electric blanket.

Yes, memory foam is temperature sensitive. Memory foam is designed to get softer as your body heat raises the temperature of the foam. Unfortunately if memory foam is used in rooms that are colder than 15 degrees it will feel much firmer. The good news is that latex mattresses and toppers are not affected by changes in temperature.

Yes, as long as it's made of a stretch material. 

That will depend on the thickness of your mattress. Standard bed sheets will fit a 12-16" thick mattress. Simply measure the thickness of your mattress and then add 2 or 3 inches to accommodate for the topper, and that will give you the new thickness of your mattress. If you are over 12 inches this may be a good reason to freshen up the look of your room with new deep-pocketed sheets. They make sheets up to 27" deep and can be found at most stores that carry a selection of linens. There is no need to sacrifice your comfort for looks.

General questions

All new foam products including latex have a “factory fresh” smell. This is normal as the foam is new. It will however completely disappear over time once it is allowed to air out. If you are extra sensitive to odours, you may want to sprinkle a little baking soda on the foam, which will assist the aeration process.

No, all our foam products are made in Canada. We value your business, and believe in providing your with the best, and safest memory foam products on the market today.

We want to supply you with the finest materials at the lowest cost, for this reason some of our mattress covers are made in China, using the finest fabrics, This allows us to offer you a great product at a lower price without sacrificing quality. Furthermore, some of our bed frames are made in Malaysia and Vietnam.

Our  foam and latex does NOT CONTAIN PBDEs, chlorofluorocarbons (CFC's) or chemical flame retardants which have been scientifically proven, to be harmful to your health. Some of our futon mattresses do contain boric acid (natural flame retardant) which is a naturally-occurring element in the earth's crust and background levels even circulate in the human bloodstream. A study done by Seattle, WA based Intertox, Inc. states that boric acid (aka Boron#10) is not toxic. Please note that our line of ORGANIC futons are free of boric acid. If you do not want boron in your futon, please let us know and we will be happy to make one without it. Recently the market has been flooded by vacuum packed memory foam coming from China and overseas. With all the controversy with the tainted milk scandal from China, and lead found in the paint of children's toys, can you really trust the chemicals used in memory foam mattresses that comes from these areas? Each Memory Foam Mattress we make in Canada, uses the safest plant based ingredients and industry Canada standards , to give you a product that is safe, naturally antibacterial and hypoallergenic.

We hand roll foam to fulfill your order. Plastic wrap is then added to prevent the foam from expanding or splitting. We do not suggest storing memory foam for an extended period of time in this manner. Studies have shown memory foam cell structure decays if left compressed for more than a couple weeks.

Our mattresses do not include a box spring or foundation. If your current base is solid and does not have any coils in it you will not have to purchase a new base. However if you require a new foundation, we carry a beautiful line of solid wood bed frames. When a foam mattress is on a solid wood foundation there is almost no motion transfer between sleepers

The mattress covers are not meant to be removed and cleaned, just like you would not remove a cover from a coil spring mattress. We suggest to buy a fitted mattress protector that can easily be removed and is made for washing. The covers can only be dry cleaned, if washed in water they will shrink and will no longer fit over the mattress. Plus by removing the cover, chances are you will tear the foam, and therefor void the warranty.

The secret to buying foam components is to make sure, you know, who you are getting the foam from. Don't be fooled by copycats. Many sellers can't buy foam in large volumes and cannot compete with MFC on pricing. We buy our foam in bulk only from Canadian manufacturers.  Always ask: who manufactured the foam you are buying. Is it made in North America, or overseas with harmful chemicals? Finally always get your warranty from the original foam manufacturer. Some think they are getting a good deal by ordering from the US. Remember that when your parcel reaches Canada customs, UPS , FedEx and other courier will charge you a 50.00 $ brokers fee, as well as GST and maybe even duties if your product does not fall under NAFTA. And if ever you run into a warranty issue you will have to pay brokers fees every time your parcel crosses the border!

They are made in Canada. We choose to pay our employees a fair salary so that they can live comfortably in this difficult economy.If you want to help support this local economy, you realize that you will have to pay a bit more for the item you want. But you also know, that in the long run you are helping our country by supporting local employment and keeping our economy prosperous.

Finally when buying Canadian it may seem that we are paying a bit more at first. However when we look closely at the bigger picture we realize that our money spent here, helps our neighbors, and our country prosper and in the long run everybody wins. The result is fewer people on unemployment and welfare, and more people with money in their pockets, making a good living enjoying life with their families. And at the same time we send a clear message to those that exploit humans in order to maximize their profits!

The choice is yours!