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If you want to save some money and get a mattress that feels similar to a coil spring mattress, then you may be interested in a HR Foam mattress. These mattresses are not made with memory foam, they are a solid piece of top quality HIGH RESILIENCE foam, which has been used in the furniture and mattress industry for over 20 years. HR foam is different that other polyurethane foams as it contains a rubber compound that gives the mattress is gentle bounce, and superior support. The advantage of HR foam is that it will give you the comfort and durability of a latex mattress at a fraction of the cost. The increased elasticity of this foam also makes it far more supportive and functional for use in mattresses than standard polyurethane foam.

For your comfort we offer the HR foam mattresses in 20, 28, 33 AND 45 ILD rating with a support factor of 2.8. The 20 ILD is well suited for those under 200 lbs that prefer a soft mattress, the 28 ILD suits those over 200 lbs that prefer a firm mattress core with some softness. The 34 ILD is firm and great for those that like to sleep on their stomachs, backs or side, while the 45 is extra firm for heavyweights. Mattresses are 6 inches thick, are made of solid 2.75 lbs HR FOAM and come with a soft Tencel cover (polyester / eucalyptus ). Available in twin, twin xl, double, queen and king sizes. Custom sizes are also available. 



20 ILD
SOFT Mattress is great for
  • Back Sleepers
  • Side Sleepers

Comfy and soft

28 ILD
MEDIUM Mattress is 
great for
  • Back Sleepers
  • Side Sleepers

Comfy, with some softness

34 ILD
FIRM Mattress is
 great for
  • Back Sleepers
  • Side Sleepers

Firmer feel, with some softness

45 ILD
EXTRA FIRM Mattress is 
great for
  • Back sleepers
  • Stomach sleepers

Great if you enjoy firm surface

What is High Resiliency Foam (HR FOAM) ?

HR foam is the highest grade of poly foam available and weighs from 2.5 to 3 lbs per cubic foot. To qualify as HR foam it must have a support factor of 2.4 or higher. The support factor is important and gives the foam resilience which gives it springiness (rubberized foam). This unique quality is derived from it's exclusive chemical formula that contains a rubber compound and gives the foam a different cell structure than others poly foams. 

This formulation makes the foam more durable in all ILD's and is suitable for use in any layer of a mattress including comfort layers. It's more expensive to produce than HD foam, and that's why will you rarely see soft HR foam used in the comfort layer of a mattress, except in those made by smaller manufacturers. Because of the lower profit margin most large manufacturers tend to use low density poly foams and convoluted foam instead in the comfort layers and sell it with an attached "story" in order to maximize profits! An example of  such a story is the use of convoluted foam in a mattress. They claim it's superior, because it creates an air flow system, which make the mattress cooler.... Just be careful before you buy into this type of marketing, and investigate the drawbacks of convoluted foam. 

On the other hand, some of the best HR foams, can compare to the quality of latex because they have a high density & good support factor, and therefore will last for numerous years.

As a rule, the higher the density of the foam, the more supportive it will be. Standard poly foams will have a support factor under 2.4, HR foams will have a support factor above 2.4. The higher the density of the foam, the better it's ability to provide support.

A word of caution about HR foam. It's among the most commonly mislabeled foam. Often, any poly foam that has a density of more that 2.5 lbs and sometimes lower is labeled HR. You will never be told that it does not have the required support factor of 2.4 or higher to be labeled high resilience. The Internet is filled with false claims of HR poly foam, because most people cannot tell the difference. A good way to find out if you are getting HR foam is to ask for it's support factor (or compression modulus).

CertiPUR-US ® Certified Foam

MFC Memory Foam Comfort is registered with CertiPUR-US. With this seal, you can rest confident that all the ingredients of your foam mattress have been rigorously tested and certified by an accredited laboratory. At MFC we value your health, therefor we only sell foams that meet this strict certification.

CertiPUR-US ® certified foams are free of:

  • No formaldehyde
  • No prohibited phthalates
  • Low emission VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) for indoor air quality
  • No mercury, lead or heavy metals
  • No ozone depleters (no CFCs)

(bedframe not included)

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