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Adjustable Bed 

Treat yourself to the best an adjustable base has to offer. Contemporary and functional, this furniture-quality frame has everything you need. Massage settings and presets pair perfectly with this endlessly adjustable base. Designed to fit into any space, this will make your bedroom the best place to read, work, and play.


  • Wall Saving Feature
    The Ergomotion base adjusts, without having to adjust the furniture around it. Our wall saving
    technology allows you to stay in place next to your nightstand, even when you raise the head.
  • Split Design 2-Piece Bases
    • Available in King size only (model E 600 available in split queen)
    • Each sleep partner can individually control their sideof the bed
  • Design Comes First, Second and Third
    You can place your Ergomotion foundation inside and standard bed frame if you choose, but this
    base is so well designed that it stands on its own. It is a great addition to and modern room.
  • Slim design, low profile, and light weight
  • Base adjusts to 60 degrees at the head and 47 degrees at the foot
  • Headboard and footboard compatible, some beds may require brackets which are available as accessories
  • Wall Hugger Design provides full range of motion even in tight spaces
  • Fits in most bed frames
  • Wired remote control
  • Wall saving technology
  • Added safety by elimination of most pinch points
  • Bases come stock with 9"black tubular legs, other options are available as accessories
  • Bed can be lowered during power outage or remote failure
  • Ergomotion® warranty and support