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Traditional soap pillow shape for those who prefer the shape of a classic pillow. Also great for placing between the knees or against your headboard to support you while reading in bed. 

  • Light, fluffy, soft foam latex to replace a down pillow, with the advantage of always regaining its shape. 
  • Made of one solid piece of soft Dunlop latex
  • These pillows are extremely durable, we have used the same latex pillows now for 12 years, and they are just like new!
  • 100% cotton cover
  • Available in two sizes (approximately) : 23" x 14" x 4" or 26" x 14" x 4"
Unsurpassed Comfort and Superior Support
  • Luxurious feel, naturally resilient.
  • Immediately conforms to contours of head, neck, and spine for optimal orthopedic support
  • Eliminates pinches and pains that interrupt a good night’s sleep
  • Reduces high pressure areas that shut off capillary blood flow and cause tossing and turning
  • Alleviates pressure to help bring oxygen and nutrients to muscles
Uniquely Healthy
  • Latex is ideal for allergy sufferers
  • No chemical off-gassing
  • Anti-microbial properties built-in to protect each pillow, inhibiting the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew
  • Breathable—unique pinhole design and open-cell structure heightens air circulation
  • Moisture and heat resistant
  • A natural, renewable resource in an eco-friendly manufacturing process
Exceptional Durability
  • Latex is highly resilient
  • Latex pillows bounce back and never need fluffing
  • Will not bunch, flatten or sag