July 02, 2018 2 min read

Do it Yourself Mattress

A differential construction is a simple method of building a mattress, since it uses the qualities of one or two layer rather than combination of several layers to find the comfort you want.

Your first step is to choose a firm core in order to give you proper posture and spine alignment. This is really important for proper orthopedic support and back care. You can choose from 3 cores:  organic dunlop latex, high density foam (aka HD foam) or high resilience foam (aka HR foam)

For your second step we suggest you purchase a soft 2" ~ 20 ILD organic dunlop natural latex topper and a 2" memory foam topper for your comfort layers. This option gives you more choice since you can place the toppers on the core in 4 different combinations (latex/memory foam or vice versa, latex only or memory foam only).

By choosing this option you get 4 mattresses into 1, and we believe this is your best choice when buying online. You will be able to get the comfort you need, by tweaking the top layers in order to find exactly what type of comfort you require!

Since your comfort, only depends on 1 or 2 layers over your firm support core, it is much easier to “get it right” and get the sleep you deserve!

The support core and comfort layers (toppers) of the DIY mattress will be sent to you in their separate covers (if you choose to buy covers) to allow you to place them in the sequence you want. The heavy weight of the foam and your fitted sheet is all that is needed to hold everything in place. And if ever you need to change a comfort layer or your core in the future, this can easily be done since all your components are independent and in their individual covers. This do it yourself mattress eliminates the need to discard a complete mattress, when only a single layer needs to be changed or replaced.