St Dormeir Merino Wool Quilted Cotton Fitted Mattress Protector

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St Dormeir Merino Wool Quilted Cotton Fitted Mattress Protector by St Geneve

Are you looking to buy a natural mattress protector in Canada? This unique Merino wool mattress cover has been specially milled by a chemical-free European process to make it completely machine washable (and dry-able) without shrinking. Standard wool pads can only be dry cleaned, or hand washed. St Dormeir mattress protectors have all the convenience of polyester fills, with all the advantages of natural virgin wool. Pure Merino wool quilted in the cotton cover, regulates body temperature and humidity (keeping you cool in the summer, and cozy in the winter) while preventing the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew. These qualities are essential in helping you fall asleep faster and also stay asleep longer. The St Dormeir mattress protector is made with 100% Chemical free cotton terry This cotton is woven in a jersey knit and is used as the skirt that goes around the sides of the protector. It has an elastic band around the bottom edge for a secure fit.


  • 100% Chemical Free Terry Cotton Cover
  • 100% Merino Wool Fill
  • Regulates body temperature and humidity
  • 150 grams / Square Metre Wool Fill (4.5 oz / Square Yard)
  • 16" Drop: Recommended for mattresses 10" to 14" deep
  • 24" Drop: Recommended for mattresses 13" to 22" deep
  • Natural Mattress Cover / Machine Wash and Dry
  • Fabric woven in Spain
  • 3 year warranty against defects in workmanship