Merino Wool Duvet

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Piatra | Merino Wool Duvet

100% Pure Merino Wool

 The Piatra duvet is filled with the finest 100% pure Merino wool from Europe and covered with a 100% German batiste cotton ticking to give you a restful night’s sleep. It has an incredibly soft and lightweight feel that drapes perfectly over your body.

Wool regulates your body temperature and helps to keep you in the ‘thermal comfort zone’ longer. The moisture control properties of wool help to wick away moisture and ensure a dry, restful sleep environment, and reduces the likelihood of common allergens, like dust mites. Piatra’s Merino wool is a soft, silky fibre with less than 1% lanolin, resulting in a healthy and hypoallergenic product.

Piatra is available in Summer or Classic weight, for multi-season comfort. The Summer weight has 150 grams of merino wool per square metre and the Classic has 250.  If you need an even warmer duvet, the Summer and Classic can be fastened together with their loops to create a seriously warm “dual winter weight” duvet. The Euro Twin is narrower than a twin to allow for independent sleeping (see photo with coloured pillows for sizing appearance).

Natural & Hypoallergenic
What many people think of as a wool allergy, is often a misconception - it is more likely that people are allergic to the lanolin in low-quality wool products. Our Merino wool has been thoroughly cleaned and has less than 1% lanolin. It is cleaned and processed with eco-friendly detergents and 100% natural terpenes found in natural essential oils extracted from plants (not artificial detergents or chlorine).

Piatra uses high-quality Merino wool, which has natural properties that aid in moisture management. This decreases the likelihood of common allergens like dust mites.

The result is wool that is pure, clean, and naturally hypoallergenic!

Sustainable & Ethical
Our wool is sourced from farmers in Europe who meet the highest ethical standards in animal care. 
In addition, wool is a fantastic, sustainable option. Each year, the sheep produce new fleece! It is cleaned and processed without the use of harsh artificial detergents or chlorine.

Instead of clogging up landfills at the end of the product’s lifecycle, your wool and its 100% cotton ticking will completely decompose over time, releasing valuable nutrients back into the soil.

Cover Specifications

100% cotton ticking, made in Germany
238 thread count Batiste weave
Quilted diamond design
Finished with a clean and simple knife edge for better draping
Corner loops to secure the duvet

Fill Specifications

100% pure Merino wool
Summer weight is 150 g/m2
Classic weight is 250 g/m2



OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified. Learn more about the 
certification here.

We strongly recommend using a clean duvet cover and changing it often.

Spot clean using a chemical and enzyme-free light soap for stains. Hang to dry. Do not machine wash or machine dry. Avoid getting your comforter in fresh air and direct sunlight 3-6 times a year for rejuvenation of the wool.

Your comforter may be dry cleaned on a short cycle with limited moisture.

St Genève offers a 6 year guarantee for defects in materials and workmanship for this product.

Piatra is:

  • Natural and breathable

  • Healthy and Hypoallergenic

  • Naturally fire-resistant

  • Ethically sourced

  • Sustainable

  • Multi-season