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"Always buy a good pair of shoes and a good bed, if you aren't in one you are in the other"

" You can put a price on anything, except a good nights sleep"



Are you looking for a memory foam mattress made in Canada?

At MFC all our mattresses are hand crafted from our BC manufacturing plant. We bring to you the Cumulus memory foam mattress that brings back the late 90's legendary Tempur-Pedic design, or our new PrestoBed with endless comfort possibilities. Plus we offer fast free shipping, and we pay all taxes.


What is a customizable mattress?
The PrestoBed is an innovative mattress that can be personalized to your comfort and support requirements. By re-arranging the individual layers inside the mattress, you can tailor your firmness preferences to a high degree of precision. This simple process takes less than 5 minutes and is done in the comfort of your bedroom.

Why Choose a customizable mattress?
When shopping for a conventional mattress in Canada, you'll notice that most stores give you a 3 month trial period.
Bed stores understand this approach and realize that most customers will be happy with any new mattress, as it's a significant improvement over an old, tired mattress. However the real comfort and support issues appear after the 90 day trial period, when the break in period is over, and the top layers start to deteriorate. At that point you are left with a mattress that is uncomfortable, and your only option is to shop for another mattress or add a topper and hope it will resolve your comfort issues.

Customizable Mattress Advantages:
  • Makes mattress shopping a breeze! With 16 support and comfort options, in one mattress. (from soft to extra firm)
  • Handy top-zip cover, allows easy access to the separate foam layers inside your mattress.
  • Simply rearrange the foam layers inside your mattress to personalize your comfort and support needs.
  • If your comfort or support needs change in the future (due to illness, accident, or personal reasons), you can simply rearrange the foam layers in your mattress, or we can provide you with cost-effective layers to make the mattress feel, just the way you like!
  • Should a layer prematurely wear out, or be ruined by a mishap, it can simply be replaced avoiding the hassle and cost of replacing the entire mattress. Resulting in less waste for our environment and more money in your pocket!
  • Optimal mattress maintenance: By flipping the inner support layers annually, you renew and revitalize the entire mattress, whereas rotating a traditional mattress only helps maintain the top layers.
  • No more time wasted trying and exchanging mattresses.
  • Perfect for all sleepers; side, back and stomach.
  • Made and shipped from Canada

Natural memory foam mattressAre you afraid of buying a mattress on line, because you can't try it ?

Recommended by the mattress underground for transparency and quality of materials

The New PrestoBed solves this problem!

Discover the innovative mattress, that allows you to customize the firmness level, in the privacy of your bedroom.




Recommended by the Mattress Underground

Helping you to get the sleep you derserve
MFC Prices are in Canadian dollars, include all applicable taxes and FREE SHIPPING in Canada. MFC Memory foam Comfort is Canada’s source for memory foam mattresses, toppers, pads, pillows, wood bed frames, bedroom furniture, futons,massage table pads organic dunlop and talalay latex mattress and pillows folding guess bed and foam cushions; supplying hotel, hospital and the public

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