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How to Choose the Right Mattress Blog

Here you will find the latest information on the mattress industry, and the tips on how to choose the right mattress for you.

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A differential constructions is a simple method of building a mattress, since it uses the qualities of one or two layer rather than combination of several layers to find the comfort you need.


Your first step is to choose a firm core in order to give you proper posture and spine alignment. This is really important for proper orthopedic support and back care.


For your second step we suggest you purchase a 2 inch talalay latex topper and a 2 inch memory foam topper for your comfort layers. This option gives you more choice since you can place the toppers on the core in 4 different combinations (latex/memory foam or vice versa, latex only or memory foam only).

By choosing this option you get 4 mattresses into 1, and we believe this is your best choice when buying online. You will be able to get the comfort you need, by tweaking the top layers in order to find exactly what type of comfort you require!

Since your comfort, only depends on 1 or 2 layers over your firm support core, it is much easier to “get it right” and get the sleep you deserve!

The support core and comfort layers (toppers) will be sent to you in their seperate covers to allow you to place them in the sequence you want. The heavy weight of the foam and your fitted sheet is all that is needed to hold everything in place. And if ever you need to change a comfort layer or your core in the future, this can easily be done since all your components are independant and in their individual covers. This smart mattress eliminates the need to discard a complete mattress, when only a single layer needs to be changed or replaced. This results in less waste for our environment and more money in your pocket!
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by mfc on 

January 1st 2014 we will introduce a new way to sleep and get extraordinary comfort in bed. You will be able to choose the components of your mattress in order to custom design the mattress of your dreams. If you choose to buy a king size mattress you will even be able to make a custom side for you and a different for your wife. You will be able to choose from latex, HD or HR foam foam core, and top it off with memory foam or Talalay latex. The future of sleep is coming January 1st 2014

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Memory Foam was developed in 1966, during a contract by NASA’s Ames Research Center. It was developed to improve  aircraft cushion safety. Memory foam also known as visco-elastic foam is simply polyurethane blended with other chemicals that increase it's viscosity and density. It was released by NASA to the public in the 1980’s. Fagerdala World Foams among others was one of the first companies to begin working with the foam. The process of making memory foam remained difficult and unreliable. Then in 1992, Tempur-Pedic launched the first memory foam mattress. And since then millions are enjoying the many benefits of sleeping on a memory foam bed!

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10 tips to choose the best mattress
by mfc on 

How to choose the best mattress
10 tips to choose the best mattress

In order to choose your dream mattress, you will have to ask yourself a few questions.

1- What kind of support do I need for my back support: soft, medium or firm, and everything in between

The firmness of the mattress will determine how much support your back will receive from your mattress. A firm mattress is usually suggested by Chiropractors and back specialist. Because it keep your spine strait as you lay and sleep. Some people opt for a medium firmness because the enjoy the sensation of sinking gently in the mattress. For some this does not cause any back pain, while other will have a sore back from sleeping on a medium firm mattress. A soft mattress, gives you the less amount of support, and may cause severe back problems. This happens because the spine has no support, and is arched because of the lack of support from the soft mattress. Most manufacturers recommend either a medium, medium-firm, or firm mattress core, and then playing with the pillow top, or comfort level in order to adjust the mattress to your comfort style without sacrificing important spine support.

2-Will I be sleeping alone or with a partner

This is an important question ta ask, because your partner may not have the same needs as you when it comes to choosing the right mattress. Lets say that you weight 120 lbs, and that your husband is 210 lbs, he will not be comfortable if you choose a medium firm mattress, because he will sink in to much into the mattress, and this may cause him back pain. The best solution for those who sleep together, is to buy 2 twin extra long mattresses (38 inches x 80), and place them side by side. This will give you a king size mattress (76 inches x 80), and it will be easy for you to both choose the comfort level of your mattress, without sacrificing orthopaedic support. Many couple buy adjustable mattresses in this way, so that you can comfortably read in bed, by adjusting your side of the mattress independently, while your partner can lay flat and sleep on her side of the bed.

3-What budget do I have to buy the mattress

Always remember that you spend more time in bed than in your car! So this reason its important to spend all the money you can afford on the best mattress possible, your body will thank you for it! Its possible to get an amazing mattress that will suit the needs of you and your partner under 2000$. A good mattress will easily last over 15 years, and give you amazing comfort every night!

4-What comfort level do I want

This is important, because you will be spending a lot of time in bed, you want it to be as comfortable as possible. Choose wisely, because you will be in bed over 8 hours per night, the wrong choice will cause you back pain, ans frustration

5-Do I want a natural mattress, or am I ready to sleep with a chemical based support

Our environment surrounds us with chemicals, from the food we eat to the clothes we wear, we are bathed in chemicals on a daily basis. Do you want your mattress to be made with chemicals or do you prefer a natural sleep surface? Considering you spend 8 hours a night laying in your mattress, it may make sense for your health to choose a healthy sleep surface. Our bodies react to chemicals and science is proving the link between health and chemicals

6-What mattress size is best for me

The best mattress for me, is the one that suits my budget, give me comfort and support, and that will last at least 10 years. Ask your self these questions and also ask your partnet what is the best mattress for him

7-Conscious buying, hand crafted local manufacturer, Chinese made, or large multinational

Think globally act locally! By buying local we help and encourage people in our community thrive. Small local manufacturers want to serve and share their knowledge with you. They love what they do, and can share their expertize with you. Plus if you have any warranty issues its always nice to be able to deal with a real person than a representative on the phone.

8-Durability and mattress longevity

Do you want your mattress to last, or do you like to change every few years. When you find a good mattress its always great to come back to it every night. Like a a good friend who is always there to support you and give you comfort. A good quality mattress will last at least 15 years before you need to change it.

9-Do I want to buy a mattress online or from an actual store

Online mattress retailers offer better prices, than actual stores because they have less overhead to manage. The shopper that wants to save money will go to the stores and try out different models, then he will do comparison shopping online to get the best price. When buying online you may want to consider all cost, such as shipping, duties and taxes at the border (if you are buying from another country) and the cost of returns if you have any warranty issues.

10-Am I satisfied with my purchase

The last thing you want to look at, is the overall comfort and satisfaction level of your mattress. Take the time to ask your partner, and consider changing or adding a topper to your mattress if it is not comfortable. A mattress purchase is probably the most important purchase you will make for yourself and your body, so take the time to choose correctly, if not you could regret it for a very long time....

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Check out our new line of solid wood platform bed frames, all made in Canada using the finest soft and hardwoods, and finished with non toxic stains. Free delivery in Canada and we pay all taxes for a limited time

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The foam and latex mattress industry is doing quite well. In the last few years we have seen strong growth especially in latex mattresses and in organic latex mattresses. Customers are educating themselves before they buy a mattress and latex mattresses are making a comeback. Foam on the other hand is moving into the green era, replacing part of the petroleum based ingredients in foam with more natural plant based materials such as soy, attracting new customers who are discovering the many benefits of sleeping on a foam mattress. The foam and latex industry is promising great new products in the next few year years which will greatly improve the comfort of mattresses. Stay tune!!!

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