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Aerus Natural memory foam Canada

 MFC introduces Aerus® Memory Foam mattresses. You may have heard that some sleepers find it difficult to sleep on memory foam foam because of heat build up. Our Aerus® foam is manufactured by one of the oldest foam manufacturers FXI, and has the unique property of staying cool, while giving you amazing comfort and orthopedic support. The Aerus Natural® foam is the only true open cell foam on the market!

The unique structure of the Aerus® foam cells allows up to 10 times more air to circulate through the mattress. This result in a cool and extremely comfortable sleep experience.

Aerus® Natural™ is the answer to a cooler night's sleep that only we can provide. This complete family of high-performance, environmentally friendly memory foams are manufactured with renewable plant based raw materials and produced using VPF, our patented, virtually zero-emissions manufacturing process.

Aerus® Natural™ is the broadest line of breathable and green memory foams in the foam industry. The early success of Aerus®, introduced in 2006, indicated the market demand for memory foams with enhanced open cell structure that offered shape-conforming comfort while providing a cooler, more comfortable sleep surface.

One of the Aerus® Natural's key ingredients is derived from plant-based renewable raw materials, replacing portions of the petroleum-based polyols traditionally used in other memory foams. Our scientists are dedicated to taking responsibility for the environment and focused on working with customers to create new eco-friendly sleep solutions.

Imagine a bed that provides a cooler, more breathable sleep experience, with shape-conforming comfort. We have expanded our portfolio of sleep products to include Aerus® Natural, Dri-Fast and our Natural Bedding for customers who want the luxurious comfort of memory foam with a cooler and more breathable sleep surface.

Enjoy a cooler sleep experience, with the only true open cell memory foam on the market today

Aerus® Natural is a registered trademark of FXI


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